From BTC to CTC!

CTC aka Coseller Transaction Coin is coming! There will only be 2.2T CTC!

Payments and Loyalty

Coseller Protocol transaction fees are 9% of the value of the sale, paid by vendors upon successful sales. The underlying community commerce activity typically pays out 30% to 40% and even higher on successful sales of various products and services from across the network.

This fee can be paid using many currencies such as USD. When this fee is paid using CTC, there is a 3% cash back, paid out in CTC. When coupled with staking, the cash back becomes even more significant.


We’re planning for a direct sale, which will be available to investors globally (accredited investors in the United States). If you are interested in purchasing CTC at this time, please contact: **[email protected].**


AwakeVC | San Mateo, CA | +1 415 800 4888 | [email protected]

Because Protocols Are Eating Sales