Coseller Protocol is a very simple to use social network model where a community of users (the network) can use digital content on all Internet platforms (Web3 or Web2 and Web1 such as email, chat, regular websites, any HTTP network) to drive engagement and transactions.

Coseller Protocol automatically pays each Internet user their fair share of profit generated by any sale across any participating network. Internet users may use any and all social media and other Internet platforms, and Coseller Protocol makes payouts using advanced multi-touch attribution.

By connecting the dots across all Web3 blockchains and DApps, as well as across various Web2 platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Snap, Twitter, Reddit, etc, various users across the Internet get paid out across the full funnel journey of any buyer who makes a purchase.

(Inter) Network of Networks

The way Coseller Protocol works is that it understands all the activity of Internet users across various platforms, and then allocates profit across multiple simultaneous participants in the chain of social commerce.

This creates a Recursive Fractal Information Model that represents various networks on the Internet, allowing full-funnel monetization for all members of all participating networks across Coseller Protocol.

PageRank vs SaleRank

Internet 3.0 is a new paradigm, and Coseller Protocol uses a unique multi-touch attribution algorithm that computes who and how much to pay from any profit generated by any sale across participating networks implementing Coseller Protocol.