How to model the world? How to understand it enough to make reasonable predictions about the future? And accurate enough to bet money on?

Process and Reality

Luckily, the universe is a series of repeating patterns. This cyclic behavior allows one to see the underlying nature of reality, and the only reality to be found is the process aka the rules of how things change. What processes? That depends on what is being observed.

And that very observation creates reality.

Universal Protocols

Processes can be abstracted into protocols. And the universe then is the Protocol Protocol aka nature or the universe or the Time and Space within which repeating events occur. By modeling the world as a set of protocols, one can reason about it in a symbolic and algebraic manner.

And one can make bets on the future, not by predicting it, but by inventing it.

Networks, Identities, Value

And in order to make predictions and to make profit based on protocols, one needs to assemble a few components that together form the foundation for the new digital universe. We examine these next, starting with the Network, which itself is based on the idea of Identity and Value.


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