We Could Use Your Help

We are looking for technology and legal collaborators to help us create the right licensing framework and the right open source bridges into the Coseller Protocol multiverse. We will open source several technologies that power the Coseller Protocol, and are seeking input on the best way to do that.

For now, we are seeking early customers and partners, across brands, publishers, agencies, as well as creators and influencers, and indeed Internet communities of all shapes and sizes. Early adopters get an unfair advantage when it comes to digital marketing and sales.


Go, NodeJS, Clojure, Kafka, MongoDB, Elastic Search. Oh, and all types of blockchains where Coseller Protocol might add value 🚀

Web One and Web Two

A few platforms integrations, we’re looking for more:


MainCross has integrated with Shoptype, and is compatible with Coseller Protocol on the Web2.


We’ve also created a WordPress plugin

One and Done